The Delftsche Dodgers organize social events outside of training sessions for its members. Past events have included activities, such as glow-in-the-dark minigolf, trampoline dodgeball or bowling. Additionally, the association also hosts more low-key hangouts which can also be joined by non-members.

Club Days

The Delftsche Dodgers has participated in multiple 'club days' in the past which are when members from various associations around the country meet up, mix up to form teams of players from differing clubs, and play friendly matches. Additionally, there is also the option to grab a drink and bite to eat with everyone afterwards. It is a great way to gain experience playing cloth matches outside of official competitions while also getting to know and bonding with members from other clubs. In the past, clubs such as Dodgeball Club Amsterdam have hosted multiple club days a year with a number of members from Delftsche Dodgers participating (attendance is never mandatory but it is always encouraged!). Starting this year, we will be hosting our own club days in Delft as well!